Refund policy

By signing below I authorize service to be performed at the price quoted and understand that the service call and deposit (if applicable) are not refundable. Max Appliance Repair technicians will always do their best to leave their workplace as clean as it was before. I also understand that some jobs require moving appliances around, and by signing below I acknowledge that Max Appliance Repair and its technicians will not be held liable for damage done to floors, walls, etc. Max Appliance Repair will guarantee only the parts which were replaced or repaired and only for the number of days stated below. No other parts of the appliance will be included in the warranty. If the repair was completed without replacing a part, the amount that was paid cannot be refunded. Electronics parts that were ordered or installed via Max Appliance Repair cannot be returned or refunded and by canceling the order or the installation customer acknowledge that will have to pay the full amount for the parts that were ordered on installation. Consequential damages and incidental expenses, including water damages and food spoilage, are not covered. Warranty is not transferable, payment terms are due upon receipt of invoice.